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Indian Silk House
Sharmila Chakraborty

I am really thankful to Mr and Mrs. Samsukha and the entire team of Indian silk house and Indian silk house exclusive for helping me . Awesome collection and good quality of silk they have. And moreover their behavior is too good which is very important . THANK YOU ,INDIAN SILK HOUSE AND INDIAN SILK HOUSE EXCLUSIVE

~Sharmila Chakraborty '' 8th May' 2018

Amit Yadav

My wife's favorite saree store. Great place to shop for Kanjivaram silk.

~Amit Yadav 'Kolkata'

Rivannah Banrg

Great saree collection! Thoroughly impressed.

~Rivannah Banrg 'Kolkata'

Gopinath Dhara

Great place to purchase Uppada sarees. I had a great experience.

~Gopinath Dhara 'Kolkata'

Raj Paul

ISHE is the best in terms of offering pure silk sarees. I got my mother a beautiful Garad saree on Mother's Day and she loved it. Thanks.

~Raj Paul 'Kolkata'

Mitali Chatterjee

Excellent Saree store in Kolkata. ISHE is simply the best in Kolkata. I recently purchased a South Silk Saree from their Lake Road Showroom and it was simply amazing. The best silk at the best prices.

~Mitali Chatterjee 'Kolkata'

Tarun Khan

My wife bought a Kanchipuram saree from ISHE and it was splendid. Thank you Indian Silk House Exclusives .Will visit again.

~Tarun Khan 'Kolkata'

Sukalya Rajapathy

They send exactly the same product and the collection also good .they do a fast delivery love to buy again 

~Sukalya Rajapathy 'Canada' 16th Jun' 2017

Bipasha Basu

I got the saree today morning.I really appreciate all your help.You really send the saree so quickly.I am coming to Kolkata during puja vacation.At that time I will definitely visit the store.Mostly all my silk sarees are from Indian Silk House.In near future I will buy some saree online.Thanks.

~Bipasha Basu 'United States' 3rd Jun' 2017

Chitra Chakrabarty

I received the order. Saree looks really nice and as expected.

~Chitra Chakrabarty 'USA' 12th May' 2017

Anjana Mukhopadhya

I have received all three sarees. Thank you for prompt delivery.

~Anjana Mukhopadhya 'Delhi' 27th May' 2017


Awesome collection of Benarasi traditional Sarees. Exclusive design and much more. Simply fabulous designs and unmatched quality. Cannot find elsewhere in India.

~SANJAY MALHOTRA 'New Delhi' 8th Nov' 2016


Absolutely amazing service. From choosing online and over phone to delivering overseas, ISH provided excellent service with prompt response. Definitely will be buying more in the future.

~Sharmeen 'USA' 11th Jun' 2016

Rajkumar Singh

Knows the art of salesmanship. Excellent collection of sarees. A well behaved staff. Prices are reasonable. Wishing prosperity and popularity.

~Rajkumar Singh 'Kolkata' 5th Feb' 2016

Vimla Chopra

Liked the products, although shopping for first time, good service. Elegance was evident. Fan of graceful well designed sarees at reasonable price.

~Vimla Chopra 'League City, USA' 27th Jan' 2016

Mrs. S. Choudhury

I am glad I found this website. I wish one Indian Silk House shop in London.

~Mrs. S. Choudhury 'London' 12th Jan' 2016


It has always been a pleasure shopping here.

~P.S.KUNDU 'KOLKATA' 25th Nov' 2015


Awesome collection of exclusive sarees.



Lovely experience, nice behaviour of all the service people here.



I have been a customer of INDIAN SILK HOUSE for many years. This shop showcases some very good collection. Hope it does really well in the years to come.

~MANASI GUPTA 'Kolkata' 3rd Dec' 2003


Too many to choose from made it very difficalt, but managed in the end, very good friendly service and staff. Thank you. I am very satisfied with INDIAN SILK HOUSE lake road kolkata.

~Mr. THOMAS 'England' 22nd Nov' 2004


Knows the art of salesmanship. Excellent collection of sarees. A well behaved staff. Prices are reasonable. Wishing prosperity and popularity.

~BIVASH BOSE 'Kolkata'


Excellent collection of sarees and beautiful showroom. Best wishes for outstanding success.

~S.S. KOTHARI (EX MP.) 'Kolkata'

Sonali Sen

I'm an old customer and always appreciate the collection and friendly behaviour.

~Sonali Sen 'Kolkata'

Kaveri Dutt

Great shopping experience, warm ambience and excellent selection!

~Kaveri Dutt 'Kolkata'

Charu Singh

An excellent collection and very motivated sales person.

~Charu Singh 'Kolkata'

Pushpita Mustafi

Very nice experience. Will surely visit again. Thank you.

~Pushpita Mustafi 'Kolkata'


I am very glad to visited this shop. The sales persons are very co-operative. They have shown us exclusive sarees of traditional design. We are happy to shop for the first time.

~HIMANSU HALDARE 'Kolkata' 1st Aug' 2006


We visited this place for the first time and really liked the collection. Keep up the good work. Looking forword for many more visits.

~Mr. ARUN BHATTACHARJEE 'Kolkata' 30th Sep' 2005


Very good collection and excellent price. Guaranteed for customer satisfaction!! Thank you for such amicable service. Hope to come back soon!

~K. GHOSH 'Kolkata' 3rd May' 2004


Very pleasing - I would love to come again and bring all my friends. Congratulations on a good collection!

~ROOPA HOSSAIN 'Kolkata' 6th Apr' 2004


Lovely Shop, nicely displayed. Very very nice stock! The sales people are very amiable and attends with delight and smiling faces! Prices are v.v. reasonable.

~SHUKLA DUTT '' 11th Dec' 2003

Indian Silk House
Indian Silk House